Chalice was the name of the street I lived on for years, and after doing some research into the word I knew it had to be part of my business, not only because of the rich meaning, but also because the business was birthed from that house.  

Chalice represents the feminine, receptive, vulnerable, nurturing energy that is responsible for creation and is much needed on this planet if we are to survive.  The chalice in iconography is represented by the inverted triangle and I have included both in the logo because the "right-side-up" triangle represents the active, supportive, protective masculine energy that the world needs to survive.  The yin and yang balance that is required for a predominately patriarchal paradigm to shift.  

Grove represents the connection with nature that is needed to heal.  Chalice Grove therefore represents embracing the totality of your being, the light and the dark, good and bad, masculine and feminine, physical and metaphysical.