Digital Course Questions

I have just purchased a course and have not received it yet, when will I receive my course?
Your course will be released on its release date. The next launch of HWA is on September 18th.

I purchased a payment plan and noticed the end total is higher than the original course price. Why?
All payment plan options are subject to interest. If you’re doing a 3 month payment plan you are paying an additional 8% and for a 6 month plan 16%. all course material is subject to tax.

How often will I be charged for any of your payment plans?
You will be charged either 3 or 6 times at the same time every month through your credit card. Our service provider for payments is called Stripe.

I have purchased a course and would like to get a refund, how do I do this?
You can choose to discontinue this program at any time but you are required to pay a cancellation fee. Further details about the cancellation policy are outlined in your online contract sent to you after you purchased the course.

I just purchased a course, but I won’t be able to start taking it for another month, how long do I have access for?
You get access to the course for a lifetime and it is designed to go at your own pace. For best results, dedicate at least 2 weeks to a month to each module and commit to your accountability sheet.

My course has a live class that I am unable to make, will I be able to watch it anywhere?
Yes! All Live Courses are recorded and will be uploaded to its respective course page within 24 hours.


Chalice was the name of the street I lived on for years, and after doing some research into the word I knew it had to be part of my business, not only because of the rich meaning, but also because the business was birthed from that house.  

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Believe it or not there will be a mala that will call to you if you quiet the mind enough to listen.  Each time you go to look at another mala, it will draw your attention back to it.  It may not be the mala you would "choose" or even the colours that you normally pick, but the stones will activate something within to let you know.

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There are a few reasons why malas break and the truth is malas are actually supposed to break, eventually. The reason for this is because they are made with gemstones and materials that are highly sensitive to energy and therefore it is of the utmost importance to cleanse a mala regularly under the moon, in the sun, with sage or with sound vibration, such as singing bowls.

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