Based out of Calgary, AB, with a background in psychology, I am a mala designer, writer, facilitator and modern-day mystic passionate about empowering the human psyche.  I have been walking my spiritual path since 2010 as a result of my personal health hitting rock bottom; somewhere deep within I knew I had the power to self-heal, nurture, and love myself back into wholeness.  

Healing with Archetypes 

Healing with Archetypes Workshop ( 8 Module Series )

In this workshop we are drawing on knowledge from Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Carl Jung, medical intuitive Caroline Myss, spiritual scientist Yogi Bhajan and contemporary medicine woman Sam Orthlieb who is a local to Calgary and my co-creative partner on this Archetypal journey and offerings.

We will explore the 7 chakras and the three Archetypes that are associated with each chakra; one Earthly Purpose Archetype, one Evolving Archetype, and two Shadow Archetypes.  

Knowing which Archetype(s) is/are dominant in our lives provide a roadmap to ancient wisdom, helping us uncover our lessons, gifts and the healing power the body holds.  We will explore how these energies show up in our life and how our health becomes affected if we don’t bring awareness to these energy centres, Archetypes and limiting beliefs surrounding the Shadow aspects of each. 

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."  - Carl Jung

Questions to Consider in this Workshop

What are the chakras, where are they located, and which organs are connected to them?

How can illness manifest in our bodies when we are out of balance in these energy centers?

What are Archetypes and how are they related to the chakras?

What four Archetypes do we all have in common and how can we recognize how they play out in our lives?

How can we begin to see illness as a roadmap to our dominant chakra and Archetype?

Which chakras are we weak in? And where are we strong?

What are the limiting beliefs associated with each energy center and how can we reprogram them?

How can we inspire change within ourselves and others with this newfound knowledge?

Participants are empowered to uncover their own personal Archetype(s) as well as guided through Kriya meditations to move stagnant energy that may be located in an organ in a chakra;

              For example, when we focus on chakra one, and the three Archetypes associated with it, we focus our energy and movement on the adrenals to wring out toxicity and move through limitations so we may step into a more empowered version of ourselves.  

Focusing on movement and breath, participants have an experiential process where they can feel the energy in their body and learn to harness the power to self-heal where medication isn’t necessary.     

This workshop begins to shift our mindset from the question, “What do I need to do?, towards, “Who do I need to be?,” through exposure to our Shadow, our limiting beliefs about Self and the Light that exists within our own Soul. This shift in perception creates the necessary space for miracles to flourish, an authentic expansion of who we truly are, why we are here and the courage to live out our own Dharma according to Divine will.  




Workshop Dates 2017 -2018

healing with archetypes Intro class- passage studios - october 17th  


For the first time ever, healing with archetypes 8 module series is now offered online!