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Mystic Medicine Retreat

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Krista Reierson, owner and creator of Chalice Grove, is teaming up with SJ Gooding, co-owner of the Dharma Temple Vancouver, to bring you a once in a lifetime retreat at Xenia Centre on Bowen Island.

“Xenia is a 38-acre Sanctuary in the heart of Bowen Island, one hour from downtown Vancouver and 90 minutes from our international airport. It is also surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected government forests and lakes. It is a place of safety and beauty. It is a place to heal, to rest, to play and to discover one’s true nature and inherent gifts.”


Open your senses and move your attention inward until the stirrings of the heart become a voice. Follow the selfless path of practice to achieve union with the Divine; learn how to cultivate the capacity for inspired action through receptivity, allow inner knowing to blossom through focused awareness, and co-create in service to the greater good. 

The call of the mystic is for those who have attuned themselves to listen. It’s time to answer that call and receive your medicine. 

This retreat is about waking up to intuitive divine guidance through the landscape of the heart. The energy produced here acts as a conduit for the loving, nurturing and spiritual forces that will transform our consciousness. Through ancient kundalini yogic philosophy, taiwanese tea ceremony, daily rituals, and the art and science of relaxation, this retreat is designed to bring you home to yourself so you can align to your highest unfolding.

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