Sacred Feminine Online 6 Week Series

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Sacred Feminine Online 6 Week Series


Sacred Feminine 6 week Online Series 

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It is a blessing to be a woman. 

Whether you are a woman, you identify with feminine energy, you’re looking to heal your relationship with your feminine, or you’re interested in exploring the primal force that will restore and bring balance to an otherwise chaotic world, then this series is for you. 

We will explore the gifts and talents, sensitivity and power, grace and poise of the Divine Shakti within us all. 

Discover yourself through movement, breath, sound and tune-in to the subtle energies within to learn how to activate and awaken the Sacred Feminine. 

What’s included in each session; 

☽ opening circle 

☽ woman to woman: material on topic 

☽ kundalini yoga set 

☽ Meditation 

☽ journey with journal 

☽ closing circle 

Week 1: Awakening your Inner Vitality 

Week 2: Sensitivity 

Week 3: Radiance 

Week 4: Mind & Body 

Week 5: Empower your Life 

Week 6: Woman as Healer 

Each participant also receives two 1-on-1 thirty minute calls with me throughout the series.

This series is going to be streamed on conference call and recorded so you can join from  anywhere in the world! 

Because it gets dark really, really early in Canada, the Kundalini Yoga will be recorded during the day and sent to participants in the evening. The discussion period will happen over conference call as well as a meditation together. This means that you get:

• 6hrs of filmed lecture LIVE 

• 6 Full Kundalini Yoga classes with Meditations

• 6 Guided Meditations LIVE 

• 1 hour of 1-on-1 time with me 

• Comprehensive handout sheets

➵ runs every Thursday (this is flexible and contingent on participants schedules) starting January 18th and runs until Feb 22nd from 7:30 - 9 PM 

Join us! 

email with any questions you may have 

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