Healing with Archetypes: 8 module Online Series


Healing with Archetypes: 8 module Online Series


The doors for HWA are now OPEN!

Think Kundalini yoga teacher training mixed with psychology and epigenetics and quantum physics. It’s a reset button to jump timelines into the future you desire and the next round launches June 5th.

For just $13.00 a day you can totally transform your life in the next 190 days - or however long it takes for you to complete this course! You get to go at your own pace. You will learn to upgrade your genetic code to become a vibratory match to your purpose.

There are a plethora of reasons why you are here: maybe your personal health is struggling, maybe your mental health took a hit this year, you might be experiencing profound levels of grief, perhaps you have awakened to a new way of life and are looking for tools to integrate or maybe your heart longs to know why you are here and you need to push through a few blocks first before you can get clarity.

Whatever the reason or season, all of you is welcome here; the grieving and jealous, brilliant and afraid, the joyful and angry, worthy and heartbroken. Rest in power knowing that we aren’t going to be spiritually bypassing as we embark on this journey together, but rather embracing every moment of our lives that brought us to where we currently are. Everything that has happened to you holds a unit of energy that has purpose in your evolution process.  

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This Course starts Wednesday June 5th and a new module will be leaked every second Wednesday at 10AM.

This 8 Module Transformational Collective Journey will encompass the following:

Each module is comprised of multiple videos with discourse materials and meditations: plus filmed yoga so you can clear discordant energy keeping you from reaching your Highest potential with workbooks and journal prompts as homework to complete on your own time. Each module is an exploration of 2 shadow archetypes, one Earthly purpose archetype and one evolving archetype for that chakra. You will also receive a list of crystals for the each chakra, a recipe to incorporate deeper layers of healing, plant allies on the path of awakening, illnesses that can manifest as a result of imbalances, continued exploration of limiting beliefs held within the energy centers and reprogramming tools for empowerment.

There will be 4 LIVE thirty minute group coaching calls that will be recorded if you can’t attend. This is a space to clear through further blocks. As well as 2 Live Facebook Q & As to land further into clarity.

MODULE 1: Neural plasticity, the Placebo Effect, the forefathers of Psychology, Chakras, Archetypes overview, Archetypes we have in common, four styles of muscle testing, belief re-patterning tools, exploration of dominant chakra.

MODULE 2: This module will explore your relationship with Security, Stability, Safety, Grounding, Courage, Self Healing, and Self-Nurturing.

MODULE 3: This module will explore your relationship with Fluidity, Pleasure, Relaxation, Emotional Balance, Healthy Sexuality, Well-Being, Creativity, Financial Stability, Abundance, Partnership, Service, Creating life needs, and Healthy Emotional Boundaries.

MODULE 4: This module will explore your relationship with Empowerment, Vitality, Manifestation, Balanced Power, Self-Worth, Spiritual Strength, Spiritual Leadership, Vulnerability, and Surrender.

MODULE 5: This module will explore your relationship with Unconditional Love, Joy, Play, Heart Centred Purpose, Heart Centred Spirituality, Detachment from Drama, and Interdependent Relationships.

MODULE 6: This module will explore your relationship with Integrity, Active Listening, Teaching others, Creative Expression, Co-Creative Action, Speaking with Truth, Conscious Communication, Speaking with Conviction, Inner/Outer Life Integration, and Bridging Head to Heart.

MODULE 7: This module will explore your relationship with Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Visionary Consciousness, Imagination, Intuition, Futuristic Insight, Perspective, Discernment, Psychic Perception, Inner Knowing, and your Sixth Sense.

MODULE 8: This module will explore your relationship with Faith, Non-Duality, One with All, Soulful and Spiritual Integration, Higher Purpose, Cosmic Wisdom, Spiritual Power, Spiritual Awareness, and Spiritual Connection.

This workshop is life changing and you will not finish the same person you were when you started - in fact, you will be more YOU than you have been in the past because we are uncovering your True Self through the many masks we wear by clearing and purifying the residue from the past.

For best results, expect to dedicate an hour or two a day to this course.

All costs are subject to tax.

Payment Plans are an option! At $888.00

Two Payments of 479.52

Three payments of 343.36

Four payments of 293.04

Payment plans are subject to interest. Email me if this is something you require.

When you’re done with this course you will have a renewed sense of faith that the Universe is working in your favor; you’ll be able to identify patterns in your life and extract meaning from those patterns; you’ll be more in touch with the real you beyond the programming and conditioning, and you’ll have a better understanding of why you are here.

I'm honoured to meet you. Join us. 


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