Healing with Archetypes: 8 module Online Series


Healing with Archetypes: 8 module Online Series


We Launch Wednesday, JANUARY 16th, 2019 7PM

Pay in FULL during the month of November and Save $333!

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I am so grateful you are here.

There are a plethora of reasons why you are here: maybe your personal health is struggling, maybe your mental health took a hit this year, you might be experiencing profound levels of grief, or perhaps you have awakened to a new way of life and are looking for tools to integrate. Whatever the reason or season, all of you is welcome here; the grieving and jealous, brilliant and afraid, the joyful and angry, worthy and heartbroken. Rest in power knowing that we aren’t going to be spiritually bypassing as we embark on this journey together, but rather embracing every moment of our lives that brought us to where we currently are. Everything that has happened to you holds a unit of energy that has purpose in your evolution process.  

First off, if you have to miss a class not to worry, I will be filming each module LIVE on Zoom and recording them so you can tune-in after.

This Workshops starts Wednesday Januarty 16th and runs for EIGHT weeks.

Each Module will be held on each Wednesday of the month for 8 weeks at 7PM. All other content will be sent out in PDFs that you get to keep with workbook questions and homework.   

What to expect: 

There are 8 modules with discourse and each one is 1.5 hrs long. The first session is an overview of what archetypes are, which archetypes we have in common, how we are tuning in and tapping into archetypal energy in any given moment. As well as an activity to explore our common Archetypes and our dominant Chakra and 4 different methods rooted in kinesiology designed to access the wisdom within the body.

Modules two through eight are about the 4 Archetypes that make up each Chakra, or energy center, health issues that can manifest as a result of these Chakras being out of balance, Kundalini Yoga to balance these limiting thoughts and discordant energy keeping you from reaching your highest potential, as well as crystals to work with and mantras to use to assist you on your path.

Be prepared to receive yoga for each module, to take notes, and receive homework. This workshop is life changing and you will not finish the same person you were when you started - in fact, you will be more YOU than you have been in the past because we are uncovering your True Self through the many masks we wear by clearing and purifying the residue from the past.

Payment Plans are an option! You can pay in 1, 2, or 3 instalments.

Pay in full during the month of November and save $333.00 -

The course will go up indefinitely in December to $888.00

Two and Three payment options are subject to interest. Email me if this is something you require.

I'm honoured to meet you. Join us. 


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