1-on-1 Coaching with Custom Mala {90 minutes}


1-on-1 Coaching with Custom Mala {90 minutes}


 Somewhere deep inside you've always known you were free and you want a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to remind you of your Sovereignty.

Somewhere deep inside you know that you are sacred, that an ancient wisdom lives and breathes inside your bones; you are both heaven and earth.

Somewhere deep inside you are tired of the status quo and are ready to step into your life's purpose. You crave deep heartfelt connections that set your soul on fire and you're looking for a tool to help you remove your barriers to love. 

We must move beyond fear if we are to experience and embody love, Source, and unity.  

A custom mala bead necklace is the perfect piece of adornment to remind you of your intention to be more authentic, more vulnerable, more committed to a practice and most importantly to that wild beating heart inside your chest that beacons for you to follow it.  

Your purchase includes a 90 minute session. 

 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with me either IN PERSON or via SKYPE to connect to your soul and your heart's deepest longings.  Out of this session I will create a custom mala just for you to remind you of your grace.

I will contact you after purchasing to secure a time that works well for both of us and to further connect.  

After your mala has been made, there is a 30 minute session describing the meaning behind the stones, the number of stones and why I chose them specifically for you.  This is a great opportunity to  learn how to best use your new talisman and re-connect to your radiant light.  

It's time to return home to yourself.  

Please note that the creative process is a thing of beauty, arising in ebbs and flows; it cannot be contained, nor forced - so each piece is created honouring this flow. You can expect your piece within one to six weeks depending. Thank you for understanding and honouring this process. 

Payment Plan available upon request <3

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