There are a few reasons why malas break and the truth is malas are actually supposed to break, eventually. The reason for this is because they are made with gemstones and materials that are highly sensitive to energy and therefore it is of the utmost importance to cleanse a mala regularly under the moon, in the sun, with sage or with sound vibration, such as singing bowls.  If a mala is holding onto too much energy because it hasn't been cleansed, it will bust.  


Traditionally if a mala breaks, it means the karma has been broken - in other words, whatever reason or intention that guided you to buy the piece may be over, which is sad but also amazing to know that you are busting through old ways of being and stepping into a newer, truer version of yourself.  Congrats!

I invite you to sit with where you are at now, compared to where you were when you purchased the piece - the truth might be that it is time to move on from the energy of the mala you purchased into something more in alignment with who you are now!  

Chalice Grove guarantees your mala for 30 days after purchase, and with proper care for your mala it should last you a long, long time.  We also offer a low cost re-string fee if you feel like the reason you bought the mala isn't over, or if you'd like to pay it forward and gift it to a friend!