Let the spirit guide the mind 

glide effortlessly into knowing 

experience your vastness 

no forcing, trying, controlling 

allowance of the infinite 

expanding with the breath 

this is your birthright 

available to you anytime you create the space 

to be present with yourself 

create space in the body 

through movement 

release the soul from the cage 

release trauma from the muscles 

this path is for the brave 

the ones who are willing to face themselves 

transform themselves 

over and over again


We did yoga, but it didn't just bend and contort our bodies - it shifted and untangled our minds and liberated our vocal chords into the vibrations of cosmic union.  We all sang.  We all let go of the times we haven't spoken our truths, and the ways in which we've used our words to hurt.  We released the fear of being heard, and feeling foolish.  We made noise to remember, not to numb our pain or forget our failures, no, we made sounds to soothe each other in a blanket of unconditional love as a community and as a commitment to each other.

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Don't Panic

In the winter of 2008 I started to experience panic attacks and became familiar with the mental illness known as Panic Disorder.  It was my third year in University and I was attempting to balance a heavy course load, a job, a boyfriend and a very active social life.  Looking back, after looking deep within, I realize that I was seeking happiness synthetically, rather than organically, and my life was way out of alignment to my TRUTH.

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