Not Another Statistic

I am not another statistic. 

I am not another sad story, or love song, or memory. 

I am flesh and bone, heaven and earth, human and spirit. 

I didn't let my parents divorce ruin me, although it hurt for years as I tirelessly looked to heal my relationship with my fathers through men I dated. 

I didn't take my own life, even though I thought about it every single day while going through the toughest part of my childhood. 

I didn't let bullying destroy me, even though I was literally chased at a party and forced to leave for my own safety. 

I didn't crumble under the need for everyone else's approval even though I still battle not caring what you think. 

I didn't fall apart when he cheated on me, and all the men that came after that did too - even though I wanted to believe it meant I wasn't good enough. 

I didn't let that eating disorder kill me, even though the self-loathing was so loud it could fill up an entire room. 

And I certainly didn't let my worth be attached to something as frivolous as beauty even though it took me twenty nine years to respect the dynamic expression I call my body. 

You see, I didn't become another statistic - I lived, prevailed, did whatever it took to crawl out of the hole I dug myself into but sadly this is not the story of every woman. 

Please, reach out to a sister today and let her know how loved she is, how perfect her imperfections, how smart and funny and kind she is. Together, we can make a difference.