I am,
I am the light at dawn cascading through the trees
I am the springtime wind dancing with fresh leaves 
I am the grateful heart that beats inside your chest 
I am the sensation of true loves kiss, pressed upon your lips 
I am the joy that swells to the surface when life goes as planned 
I am the sweet sadness of the tears that fall when we fail to understand
I am the river that flows inside your veins, keeping you alive 
I am the magnetic force of the universe that you've come to know as time 
I am the calm after the midnight storm, the breath of fresh crisp air 
I am the cosmic unfolding of duality, the choice is yours to bare 
I am the support you desire in moments when you feel like you're all alone 
I am the radiant power that propels you and helps to guide you home
I am the in-between, above, below, the waking and afterlife 
Take special care of what you say after "I am" in this life
- k •••

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Venus Virgo Rising


I was walking down the hallway.  The bell must have just rang because it was packed as students scurried to their next class.  Shoulder to shoulder everyone was in quite a rush.  I was walking slowly, confused as to why I was there: I didn't have a class to go to, did I?  

As I walked in slow motion down the hall, locker after locker, my attention was drawn to a woman sitting on the floor in lotus position.  Her hair was wild and unruly; the curls spilling over her shoulders in all directions.  Through telepathy she spoke to me, "Sit down," she said in a way in which I knew there were no other options.  I sat down next to her as my attention was drawn to a book on the floor; it was very large and very thick.  Suddenly the pages began to flip as if a heavy breeze had found its way into the hallway, but there was no such breeze around.  Page after page it danced across the bridge of the ethereal and 3D worlds.  Her finger cut the dancing to a halt as the page settled on a destination.  I looked down and could see a month.  It said March.  My soul whispered, "I knew it!" although what I knew, I was unsure of.  Without her lips moving she pointed to the 16th and said, "This is the day."  

"What day?" I replied.

"You know." 

"I don't," I conveyed, but somewhere deep down I did.  I could feel an overwhelming sense of love and excitement wash over me.

"This is the day your whole life changes," she whispered in volume.  

And deep at the centre of my being, I knew that she was right.   

Stay tuned for what really happened to me on this day.  The dream was fortuitous, but not in the ways I had expected!  Tricky Universe!