Want to learn how to align to prosperity? Ya, I thought so.

The thing is, it seems that everybody and their dogs are talking about manifestation so how do you know what works and what doesn’t? Results.

As a society we want what we want when we want it, and in the West we are hardwired to expect that whatever we need is the click of a button away. We no longer are expected to have cash on hand or in our bank accounts since credit card companies are practically giving them away. This means more debt, more consumerism, more stress and everything that comes along with that.

It’s designed this way on purpose so that you, the consumer, keep feeling like you need more and more and more to be happy but, the truth is, you’ll never get there that way and deep down you know it. So why then is it still prevalent?

We’ve got to do something about self-worth and real prosperity.

Abundance, opulence, prosperity, and wealth at the root, are all about feeling expansive. We are infinite creator beings in a body and beneath the many layers of programming we do know it; however, we need tools to access our inherent worth and it’s certainly not taught in the school systems. I don’t know about you, but I never learned how to love myself, soothe my own pain, speak kindly within, or turn on my divine birthright for prosperity.

Prosperity doesn’t just mean money. Wealth doesn’t just mean cash. Opulence doesn’t just mean luxuriousness and abundance doesn’t just mean endless spending. All of these words are about the energetics of expansion and magnetism: each one represents the frequency of being infinite.

You are not small. You are meant to take up space in this world and shine brightly. That takes energy and I’m going to show you how to tap into your infinite nature. Bring on the abundance, prosperity, opulence and wealth - whatever that means to you - and get ready for more of whatever it is you’re calling in. Perhaps it’s an abundance of health, a wealth of relationships, prosperous partnership or just cold hard cash. You decide. Have fun.

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Not Another Statistic

I am not another statistic. 

I am not another sad story, or love song, or memory. 

I am flesh and bone, heaven and earth, human and spirit. 

I didn't let my parents divorce ruin me, although it hurt for years as I tirelessly looked to heal my relationship with my fathers through men I dated. 

I didn't take my own life, even though I thought about it every single day while going through the toughest part of my childhood. 

I didn't let bullying destroy me, even though I was literally chased at a party and forced to leave for my own safety. 

I didn't crumble under the need for everyone else's approval even though I still battle not caring what you think. 

I didn't fall apart when he cheated on me, and all the men that came after that did too - even though I wanted to believe it meant I wasn't good enough. 

I didn't let that eating disorder kill me, even though the self-loathing was so loud it could fill up an entire room. 

And I certainly didn't let my worth be attached to something as frivolous as beauty even though it took me twenty nine years to respect the dynamic expression I call my body. 

You see, I didn't become another statistic - I lived, prevailed, did whatever it took to crawl out of the hole I dug myself into but sadly this is not the story of every woman. 

Please, reach out to a sister today and let her know how loved she is, how perfect her imperfections, how smart and funny and kind she is. Together, we can make a difference.