A light in the fog

Dim then growing brighter.

Her soul was transformed; her essence felt lighter.

For the things with the glitter and gold don't compare to the whispering words of wisdom

down there in the depths of her heart, the Forest so deep -


there's no need to retreat when the weather's so sweet in the place that you've found,

a special place to call home.

Don't worry dear Angel, you won't be alone.

For you're loved evermore and you feel this I'm sure,

because deep down Angel's always know what's the cure.

No spells, magic potions - looking outward do beware - for this place in the depths is the only place to share.

So from this place you stray no more.

You feel the truth right at the core.

And the light in the fog beams like a lighthouse tower.

None shall loose their way.

You have sourced your true power.  

In the forest

A prayer, 


Mother Earth is here with you now.  

She is here to support you and love you, do not be afraid.  

Allow the divine feminine energy to rush into this body.

 Tell her you've been waiting for her and accept her into your being.  

Tell her we need this energy on Earth now more than ever.  

We need her ability to connect, her love, her intuition, and her vulnerability.  

It is the perfect time for her softness, her strength, and her intoxicating heart.  

This planet needs her.  

Receive her energy now.