She is Awakening

And you, sweet one, finally answered, finally came up and out and I wondered how long you had been hiding down there until you whispered into the hollow of my inner child. 

And she sobbed, she wailed, vibrating loose a hurt so ancient that all women gathered. 

And I felt the repression, the oppression, the degradation, the misogyny of a predominately patriarchal paradigm that suppresses and suspends the soul of women, the empowerment of women, the rule of women and I remembered how powerful I was at six years old and how that power was abused, betrayed, belittled and shut down. 

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Bless You!

This isn't about how many people follow you on Instagram, or like your posts.

This isn't about your patterns and wounds and pain and sorrow. 

This isn't about you, not in the way you think it is: you are everything and you are nothing. 

You have come here to shift the consciousness of the planet and you do so through prayer, through thoughts, through words, through action; so make each action a living prayer, make each word a loving word, make each thought an uplifting thought, each prayer a sacred container for all to heal. 


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You Choose

Healers need healing too; just because you still fall apart from time to time from the weight of the world does not mean you can't show up bigger and bolder and brighter than ever before in your healing business. 

Going through shit makes us human, it's how we choose to deal with what we go through that qualifies us to hold another's sacred beating heart while they trust us with their weight. 

If you've never felt the world crush you, holding space for another's crushed world requires a deep and profound amount of empathy, one that not many people can hold. 

Of course you don't need to identify with the wounded healer, in fact as this blue planet continues to shift, I believe, there will be less and less people who choose to go through the flames first. I think future generations of light workers will bypass the pain and suffering and turmoil and stay in their light most of the time. They will be able to heal from an authentic place of pure expansion, compassion and strength. 

But I didn't choose that path. 

I chose the archetype of wounded healer. This means I have gone through some pretty fucked up shit and I'm proud of myself because I know the courage it took to pull myself out. It is an absolute miracle I am where I am today. I've battled perfectionism, drug addiction, abuse, unworthiness, betrayal, addiction to approval, loss, mental illness, rejection, body dysmorphic disorder, abandonment, and more. 

As a healer I'm not condoning the path of the broken; the path that glorifies darkness, or embodies the importance of wounds, but what I am celebrating is the fact that we are all gloriously unique. 

I will attract people who have gone through similar experiences and if your path differs, you will attract people like you. 

There is no right way or wrong way to live this life, there is only the way that you choose. 

None of us truly, fully and honestly know why we are here. We may have had profound esoteric experiences that argue we do, but the unknown is reason enough to be alive, and we don't have to attach anything else to it. 

So let yourself unfold into the space you come alive.

If you feel alive in your pain then let it shape you and move on, and share the story of overcoming in the face of adversity. 

If you feel alive in your light then share it wherever you go, don't you dare let anybody dim your sparkle. 

Whatever you choose, for God's sake, remember to truly LIVE. 

This Life

I have complete respect for the moments that take our breath away, the awe-inspiring and the gut-wrenching; the ripples of surfacing wounds that lead us to the shedding of layers, to move forward, confront darkness, test faith and to bare our naked souls in the light of our limiting beliefs. 

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Awakening: A Journey through the Chakras

I have met my edge, at times the anxiety swallowed me whole - the trepidation that followed resistance, distress and heedlessness was too much for my soul to bare. Like a serpent stirring from a long slumber at the base of my spine, dreaming of ascending vertebrae by vertebrae; an open channel to voyage to the bounty within. 

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Perfectionism, we can't escape it - even in yogic advertising we are bombarded with images of it; faces that are young, bodies that are free from cellulite, fat, wrinkles and stretch marks - leaving out a majority of the world's demographic. 

Yoga is supposed to be about Union. It's about connecting to a source within, a well of infinite knowledge where we can access grace, truth and remembrance of our unity. But, alas, most of us are hypnotized by media's hidden message that we are imperfect and not enough as we presently are. 

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Not Another Statistic

I am not another statistic. 

I am not another sad story, or love song, or memory. 

I am flesh and bone, heaven and earth, human and spirit. 

I didn't let my parents divorce ruin me, although it hurt for years as I tirelessly looked to heal my relationship with my fathers through men I dated. 

I didn't take my own life, even though I thought about it every single day while going through the toughest part of my childhood. 

I didn't let bullying destroy me, even though I was literally chased at a party and forced to leave for my own safety. 

I didn't crumble under the need for everyone else's approval even though I still battle not caring what you think. 

I didn't fall apart when he cheated on me, and all the men that came after that did too - even though I wanted to believe it meant I wasn't good enough. 

I didn't let that eating disorder kill me, even though the self-loathing was so loud it could fill up an entire room. 

And I certainly didn't let my worth be attached to something as frivolous as beauty even though it took me twenty nine years to respect the dynamic expression I call my body. 

You see, I didn't become another statistic - I lived, prevailed, did whatever it took to crawl out of the hole I dug myself into but sadly this is not the story of every woman. 

Please, reach out to a sister today and let her know how loved she is, how perfect her imperfections, how smart and funny and kind she is. Together, we can make a difference. 

Love and Loss

Mourning, grieving and releasing are paramount to our mental, emotional and spiritual health. 


I had an acupuncture session yesterday - Shouyin, a sacred geometry grid that opens the channels between the kidneys the heart. 

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What I didn't Say

I try for a moment to justify my answer, to explain scientifically that all things are energy, and then I remember a sacred truth, "in my defencelessness my safety lies," so I say nothing as you continue to suck beer out of a bottle like a baby on a nipple and I wonder when you stopped believing in magic. 

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