Do you Feel Safe Yet?

Do you feel safe yet? 

With your hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars in the bank. 

With that job that you hate, that sucks the life out of you and could be better suited for somebody else but offers a false sense of security. 

With your paid two week vacation when there are 50 other weeks in the year that you just might want to explore and create for yourself and determine your schedule and who you actually surround yourself with. 

With your retirement fund, and hedge fund, and investments and tax free savings accounts. 

With your relationship that’s ok, I mean who’s really complaining, but you kinda sorta know he/she/them are not the person for you and somebody else could love them the way they actually deserve. 

With your staying small, and being “good” and not rocking the boat and not triggering those around you and keeping your opinions to yourself. 

With the myriad of ways you hide from yourself through drugs and alcohol and food and sex and Netflix and social media and comparison and doubt and confusion. 

Do you feel safe yet? 

I didn’t think so. 

Because nobody feels safe until they know who they are. 

It’s going to take courage to confront yourself.

It’s going to take faith. 

It’s going to take an honest look within at your patterns - insert archetypes - of behavior. 

There is support. Always. 

Bless you.  

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I am,
I am the light at dawn cascading through the trees
I am the springtime wind dancing with fresh leaves 
I am the grateful heart that beats inside your chest 
I am the sensation of true loves kiss, pressed upon your lips 
I am the joy that swells to the surface when life goes as planned 
I am the sweet sadness of the tears that fall when we fail to understand
I am the river that flows inside your veins, keeping you alive 
I am the magnetic force of the universe that you've come to know as time 
I am the calm after the midnight storm, the breath of fresh crisp air 
I am the cosmic unfolding of duality, the choice is yours to bare 
I am the support you desire in moments when you feel like you're all alone 
I am the radiant power that propels you and helps to guide you home
I am the in-between, above, below, the waking and afterlife 
Take special care of what you say after "I am" in this life
- k •••

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I've created something special for You!

Remember when I told you what the number one question I get asked is?

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So, I decided to do something about it. I have created, along with my amazing graphic designer, a workbook that is made to get you thinking deeper about a few things:

* What's the pattern that is holding me back?
* What is it that I really want?
* What is anxiety teaching me? 
* What am I actually afraid of and what can I do about it?

Just like you, I have mulled these questions over 1000+ times in my head and just like you, I got sick and tired of feeling directionless and afraid. 
Then, once I did move through my blocks and up levelled, guess what? A whole new set of challenges asking me to expand even more presented themselves and I had to dive back into the work again! 

That is why I created this workbook.

You can use it no matter where you are at on the journey of awakening. Awareness of what is keeping us stuck is paramount because life is life and new things arise all the time. We can't control that. What we can control is how we respond to it based on the tools we have. A huge misconception people have is that once they start their spiritual journey life gets easy. Well it does, and it doesn't. Think of it this way, it's not until you move the furniture in your house that you see where all of the dust is actually accumulating. This work moves our blocks out of the way so we can actually begin to see our patterns and, once we do, we can finally get to the places we've been ignoring for so long. Dust will accumulate again but, now that you know where it lives you can buy better cleaning supplies and tools: this means you can more readily and with ease clean the hard to reach spots!

Once you know about the patterns that keep most people spinning their tires you can begin to change them!

How? You'll need to download the workbook for that. 

Click here to get access to your Free Workbook now.

P.S. I can't wait to hear about what you learn! Send me a line and let me know! 


Let the spirit guide the mind 

glide effortlessly into knowing 

experience your vastness 

no forcing, trying, controlling 

allowance of the infinite 

expanding with the breath 

this is your birthright 

available to you anytime you create the space 

to be present with yourself 

create space in the body 

through movement 

release the soul from the cage 

release trauma from the muscles 

this path is for the brave 

the ones who are willing to face themselves 

transform themselves 

over and over again