Elevate Your Frequency

We don't get to believe life is sacred only when it's convenient. 

We don't get to say, everything happens for a reason, but then when life throws us lemons complain. 

We don't get to say there are signs everywhere but only when they are pointing to our most desired outcome. This is just an excuse to not look at something within. 

We don't get to call people souls but not treat them that way. 

We don't get to pick and choose what experiences are lessons and when we feel like seeing it as such. 

We don't get to go back to sleep after we've awakened. We don't. 

And I know it felt easier before when you could blame others, make it their fault, point out their flaws and turn a blind eye to the fundamental spiritual laws of the universe. 

The universe operates on laws; it is responding to your vibration. So if you are one of those people who only believes in the sacred when it serves your needs, then you've probably already noticed mixed signals from the universe. 

That's what happens when we give mixed signals. 

We can want love in our lives but treat people like shit. 

We can want to attract abundance but feel gripping panic in our chests every time we pay a bill. 

We can want opportunity but fail to love and work on ourselves. 

We can say we trust the universe but try to control every last area of our life. 

Whatever vibration we offer up to the universe is what she sends right back our way, so when things are not going as desired don't get mad and say you knew it, find a way to see what is working. Find a way to shift your vibration, to be ok with whatever is arising, and love it. 

When we love, we elevate and from here we can get excited about the life we are co-creating, we can correct our course and manifest our hearts desires in alignment with our truth. 

All of life is sacred, every moment is perfect for something - even the challenging ones. It is not you against the world, but rather you creating with it and although we do not control our environment, we sure do shape it by responding from either fear or love, resistance or acceptance. 

Together let's elevate to the frequency of our holy heart center, let's dance with desire, and run with the wild dynamic state of creation called life. 

Do you Feel Safe Yet?

Do you feel safe yet? 

With your hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars in the bank. 

With that job that you hate, that sucks the life out of you and could be better suited for somebody else but offers a false sense of security. 

With your paid two week vacation when there are 50 other weeks in the year that you just might want to explore and create for yourself and determine your schedule and who you actually surround yourself with. 

With your retirement fund, and hedge fund, and investments and tax free savings accounts. 

With your relationship that’s ok, I mean who’s really complaining, but you kinda sorta know he/she/them are not the person for you and somebody else could love them the way they actually deserve. 

With your staying small, and being “good” and not rocking the boat and not triggering those around you and keeping your opinions to yourself. 

With the myriad of ways you hide from yourself through drugs and alcohol and food and sex and Netflix and social media and comparison and doubt and confusion. 

Do you feel safe yet? 

I didn’t think so. 

Because nobody feels safe until they know who they are. 

It’s going to take courage to confront yourself.

It’s going to take faith. 

It’s going to take an honest look within at your patterns - insert archetypes - of behavior. 

There is support. Always. 

Bless you.  

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I am,
I am the light at dawn cascading through the trees
I am the springtime wind dancing with fresh leaves 
I am the grateful heart that beats inside your chest 
I am the sensation of true loves kiss, pressed upon your lips 
I am the joy that swells to the surface when life goes as planned 
I am the sweet sadness of the tears that fall when we fail to understand
I am the river that flows inside your veins, keeping you alive 
I am the magnetic force of the universe that you've come to know as time 
I am the calm after the midnight storm, the breath of fresh crisp air 
I am the cosmic unfolding of duality, the choice is yours to bare 
I am the support you desire in moments when you feel like you're all alone 
I am the radiant power that propels you and helps to guide you home
I am the in-between, above, below, the waking and afterlife 
Take special care of what you say after "I am" in this life
- k •••

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Want to learn how to align to prosperity? Ya, I thought so.

The thing is, it seems that everybody and their dogs are talking about manifestation so how do you know what works and what doesn’t? Results.

As a society we want what we want when we want it, and in the West we are hardwired to expect that whatever we need is the click of a button away. We no longer are expected to have cash on hand or in our bank accounts since credit card companies are practically giving them away. This means more debt, more consumerism, more stress and everything that comes along with that.

It’s designed this way on purpose so that you, the consumer, keep feeling like you need more and more and more to be happy but, the truth is, you’ll never get there that way and deep down you know it. So why then is it still prevalent?

We’ve got to do something about self-worth and real prosperity.

Abundance, opulence, prosperity, and wealth at the root, are all about feeling expansive. We are infinite creator beings in a body and beneath the many layers of programming we do know it; however, we need tools to access our inherent worth and it’s certainly not taught in the school systems. I don’t know about you, but I never learned how to love myself, soothe my own pain, speak kindly within, or turn on my divine birthright for prosperity.

Prosperity doesn’t just mean money. Wealth doesn’t just mean cash. Opulence doesn’t just mean luxuriousness and abundance doesn’t just mean endless spending. All of these words are about the energetics of expansion and magnetism: each one represents the frequency of being infinite.

You are not small. You are meant to take up space in this world and shine brightly. That takes energy and I’m going to show you how to tap into your infinite nature. Bring on the abundance, prosperity, opulence and wealth - whatever that means to you - and get ready for more of whatever it is you’re calling in. Perhaps it’s an abundance of health, a wealth of relationships, prosperous partnership or just cold hard cash. You decide. Have fun.

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The Fire Within

We are all comprised of 5 tattvas or elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. 

If the tattvas are balanced and strong, as well as in the proper areas of the body, then you can repel stress, trauma, and illness and magnetize health, prosperity and alignment. 

The Agni tattva - Fire - is for purifying and transforming and is an agent for healing. 

The Agni tattva is connected to the third chakra since this solar plexus nerve cluster is dominated by fire. Without a strong and balanced third chakra, despite our best efforts, our intentions and ideas cannot come into full fruition. 


The third chakra is where we manifest our life’s purpose and is masculine in essence: it initiates action, assertiveness, boundaries, and leadership. We all have masculine energy within and its consciousness is being activated this year; moreover, conscious masculinity is not the same as toxic masculinity and that is what we are witnessing crumble this year - the unconscious patriarchy.

We are in a year of 3 energy, (2019 | 2+0+1+9 = 12 | 1+2= 3) meaning we are being called into empowerment at the solar plexus chakra. This means we are going to be tested when it comes to our self-worth, boundaries, digestion, addiction, control, resentment and our levels of worrying about the future and will be asked to give way to the feminine qualities of trust, surrender, flow, allowance, and receptivity. The conscious masculine knows how to hold space for these feminine qualities within and isn’t threatened by it.

The solar energy is calling us to TRUST through vulnerability. 

It also means the archetypal patterns in the third chakra are strong this year and we need to take a good look at how we are plugging into these patterns for better or for worse. 

How are you showing up with compassion but with boundaries?

Do you feel worthy of the dreams inside your heart? If not, why?

How are you stepping into your role as leader? Do you feel like a leader? If not, why?

How much energy do you have on the daily? - If you’re tired often, what’s one thing you can do today to increase your vitality?

Are you being of service to yourself or others? If not, what’s stopping you?

Do you feel angry often? If so, do you shame yourself for that anger?

These are just a few questions to consider as we continue to move through the fire within. One thing that is important to note is that anger is actually a tool to transmute lower vibratory frequencies in the body as long as it’s not directed at others. Use your fire to transform anger into commitment and fuel you into change!

The third chakra is the bio-hackers system into the entire chakra system: if you can build solar strength in the navel you can increase your levels of energy, open and balance the other chakras, and develop strong boundaries and self-worth that leads to authenticity and expansion. In kundalini yoga we know the navel is the hub of 72,000 nadis or meridian points and when we develop that strength we awaken the reserve of energy within that leads us into knowing and manifesting our life’s mission: this means making better decisions that serve the greater good, decisions that are creative and life giving and empowering for ourselves and others. One of the best decisions you can make this year is developing a journal and meditatitation practice. The benefits of meditation are becoming more and more well known, but as we move into an global online world (it’s estimated that by 2020 100% of the world will have access to the internet) we will increasingly need tools to reset and reprogram the quantity of input our nervous systems receive.

Yogis have long recognized that the best decision-making takes place when the left and right hemispheres of the brain are balanced and synchronized. Since the left brain questions and the right brain accepts, an individual's analytical and creative thought processes are most effective when a state of balance in neutrality is achieved.

Yoga and meditation are effective technologies for clearing the clutter of the mind's incessant chatter to reach a state of inner quietude where intuition flows and the solutions to even the toughest problems can be discovered. - Yogi Bhajan

You were incarnated for a reason. You have a purpose, a mission, a divine plan, and we need you more than ever to uncover what that is as we approach an estimated 7.8 billion people in 2020. Humanity needs you but first you must be willing to look within, maybe deeper, discover your inherent worth, and show up as your most passionate and compassionate self.

If you are wanting a deeper look within, listen to this mantra and sit in silence with your eyes closed for the duration of this sacred sound. This mantra is designed for activation of the third chakra and can begin to unlock blocks located at the solar plexus.

Plus, you can get a free workbook to move through blocks here. The world is ready for your medicine.

I've created something special for You!

Remember when I told you what the number one question I get asked is?

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So, I decided to do something about it. I have created, along with my amazing graphic designer, a workbook that is made to get you thinking deeper about a few things:

* What's the pattern that is holding me back?
* What is it that I really want?
* What is anxiety teaching me? 
* What am I actually afraid of and what can I do about it?

Just like you, I have mulled these questions over 1000+ times in my head and just like you, I got sick and tired of feeling directionless and afraid. 
Then, once I did move through my blocks and up levelled, guess what? A whole new set of challenges asking me to expand even more presented themselves and I had to dive back into the work again! 

That is why I created this workbook.

You can use it no matter where you are at on the journey of awakening. Awareness of what is keeping us stuck is paramount because life is life and new things arise all the time. We can't control that. What we can control is how we respond to it based on the tools we have. A huge misconception people have is that once they start their spiritual journey life gets easy. Well it does, and it doesn't. Think of it this way, it's not until you move the furniture in your house that you see where all of the dust is actually accumulating. This work moves our blocks out of the way so we can actually begin to see our patterns and, once we do, we can finally get to the places we've been ignoring for so long. Dust will accumulate again but, now that you know where it lives you can buy better cleaning supplies and tools: this means you can more readily and with ease clean the hard to reach spots!

Once you know about the patterns that keep most people spinning their tires you can begin to change them!

How? You'll need to download the workbook for that. 

Click here to get access to your Free Workbook now.

P.S. I can't wait to hear about what you learn! Send me a line and let me know! 


Let the spirit guide the mind 

glide effortlessly into knowing 

experience your vastness 

no forcing, trying, controlling 

allowance of the infinite 

expanding with the breath 

this is your birthright 

available to you anytime you create the space 

to be present with yourself 

create space in the body 

through movement 

release the soul from the cage 

release trauma from the muscles 

this path is for the brave 

the ones who are willing to face themselves 

transform themselves 

over and over again