The Science of Hydrotherapy

Since ancient times, people have prayed for the blessing of ishnaan. What is ishnaan? Ishnaan is the total sum of hydrotherapy.

The power of water is sixty percent the power the human. In hydrotherapy we believe that the sixty percent internal water of the body can be totally exchanged in sixty minutes with the use of external water.

When we do ice-cold water massage, not only do we open up the capillaries, but then we they return to normal, that blood goes back to the organs. The heart, kidneys, lungs, liver - each organ has its own blood supply. In this way the organs get flushed. When the organs get a flushing then immediately the glands have to change their secretion. It is a law. And when the glands, which are the guardians of the health and life, change, youth returns. What is youth? Young glands. If your glandular system secretes correctly, the blood chemistry is a young chemistry. All this neurotic neurosis and angriness will be over.

Why take a cold shower?


• keeps your skin radiant

• opens up the capillaries

• flushes the organs

• keeps the blood chemistry young and healthy

• simulates the healthy secretion of the glandular system

Precautions: Start with the outer extremities - feet, hands, arms. The thighs shouldn’t go under the water first, so as not to disturb the calcium-magnesium balance. The same for the genitals and the head. Do not take a cold shower during pregnancy or menstruation or when you have a fever, rheumatism or heart disease. If there are problems with the sciatic nerve or high blood pressure, start slowly! Alternatively you can wear cotton shorts to buffer the thighs and sexual organs.

The Science of Hydrotherapy is very precise and sophisticated, and very simple. Here are the effects on different parts of the body.

∞ If you let the cold water fall just below the lower lip for ten or fifteen minutes, you will be bright and your mind will be very clear.

∞ If you put the water between the eyebrows and the upper lip, you will be very energetic.

∞ If you put the water on the forehead, you will be so sleepy that you just can’t match it.

∞ If you massage the upper arm, you are totally curing your stomach.

∞ From your elbow to about two inches (5 cm) above your wrist corresponds to to your digestive tract.

Two inches above the wrist to the wrist corresponds to your heart.

∞ The wrists correspond to your liver, and the fingertips correspond to your brain.

∞ If you put the water on the front of your neck and let the water run down your entire body and hands, you will totally change all your cells.

∞ If you let the water hit your chest and go all the way down to your genitals and stay under it for a while, you are totally changing the chemistry of the blood from unhealthy to healthy.

∞ If you let the water hit your feet and massage the right foot with the left foot, and the left foot with the right foot, you are actually massaging your entire body. Stand before a cold shower and massage your feet and your calves by yourself. Use your feet to massage. Don’t use your hands.

∞ Then stand away from the water and using both hands, massage your entire body and let the body get hot. Then take a cold shower again and massage your body again. Do that for about twelve to fifteen minutes. You should have a friend handy to pull you out. You will be in a totally different space.

Editor’s Notes: Remember to keep this simple so you don’t overwhelm yourself and then do nothing. Try getting into a lukewarm shower and then slowly turn the hot water off. The important part is that you get a shock to your system. This is not the way it is taught in kundalini yoga but I have found it’s better to start small and work your way up so you can have wins, rather than quit before you start.

[From The Aquarian Teacher: KRI Teacher Training Level One Manual + my notes from Teacher Training]