Becoming Your Own Best Mother + Father


I wholeheartedly believe that the moment we start to get honest with ourselves and take responsibility for the energy we bring into any space is the moment we finally “grow up.”

I say grow up loosely because having a strong sense of childlike faith, wonder and play is necessary for a life well lived. 

By grow up I mean make space to witness our wounds and trauma from an empathetic viewpoint and slowly make the journey back home to ourselves. 

The journey home is going to vary for each individual but learning to identify your patterns  is a beautiful place to start. Our triggers - or shadow emotions - are guideposts to bring us closer to the origin of our wound(s). 

Once found, we can begin to see ourselves (and those who have hurt us) as innocent children modeling unhealthy behaviors passed down from previous generations. 

When you can start to see your mother and father through the lens of compassion, you can start to understand how you too are inherently innocent. 

Many adults in our culture are children acting out temper tantrums in drag. They are masking these tantrums as emotional, physical, sexual and even spiritual abuse. 

They are the wounded creating wounds unconsciously as the body desperately tries to bring up what is still unresolved in the pre-conscious and unconscious landscapes of their psyche. 

But as we know better we do better and our generation has been called upon to act as agents for change. 

Ask yourself what kind of love you needed and desired from your mother and father and then go and create that love for yourself. 

Becoming your own best mother and father has profound impact on your overall health and well-being and you deserve to receive the benefits and generosity of your own gentle loving kindness.