The Blue Ethers

When we cross over, the tattvas and chakras dissolve at the same time. The first element to go is Earth, then Water, Fire, Air and then Ether. As the tattvas and chakras dissolve, you will move into a state of consciousness where your life replays from the neutral mind. The soul will leave the body inside of the subtle body and together they will travel along the electromagnetic field of the Earth until moving on to the blue ethers.

The Yogis say that there are five blue ethers.

The first blue ether is called Karta Purakh, the first stage that we experience after we cross over the electromagnetic field of planet Earth. Here we are usually accompanied by a guide. In this dimension, all the information of the universe is kept, including the life histories of all beings. It is called the Akashic Records or Cosmic Library.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

When we pass through the first blue ether, we leave our subtle body with the Akashic Records. The subtle body, the capsule which carries our experiences, will be downloaded onto our “cosmic” file. Exactly what lessons we will receive in the second and third ethers are decided by what happened during the three-second test of the mind.

In the second blue ether, called Sopurakh, we learn to perceive harmony of the Self. We receive lessons, usually from other more evolved beings.

In the third blue ether, called Purakh, we learn how to maintain the lessons throughout the test of Time and Space. We have learned the lesson in the second blue ether and now we need to be constant in its practice and perhaps even teach it to others. You decide in the third ether if you need to come back.

The fourth blue ether is called Brahm Prakash, and it’s where a soul goes when it’s not going to incarnate again. This is where all ascended masters and angels and guides reside. Humans still have access to the fourth ether.

The fifth blue ether is Brahm, and is the ultimate merger with Source. It is here that we merge with all that is and all that ever will be. Humans don’t have the same kind of access to this ether.

When someone crosses over, we chant the mantra Akal 11x for 11 minutes to help them make their way across the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

[From The Aquarian Teacher: KRI Teacher Training Level One Manual + my notes from Teacher Training]