One Decision can Change Everything

Yesterday I had the honour and privilege to receive a tour of the newest project Sara and Rich Combs are undertaking in Tucson Arizona. If you aren’t sure who they are, they are the owners and designers of the infamous airbnb haven @thejoshuatreehouse. It felt surreal to meet this power couple in person since my travel companion and friend Sabrina and I met at the Joshua Tree house in October of 2016: every year since, we’ve met up to go to the world’s largest Gem and Mineral show in Tucson for business and as a way for me to escape the cold of Canadian winters. We closed our time in Tucson this year with a tour of the Inn from Sara and Rich, and I was grateful to share with them through our story the value I know they add to so many people’s lives by the experiences they create - even our tour included a visit from the wisdom of a resident owl who swooped down from a palm tree in the front garden.

I know I speak for so many when I say that this couple has profoundly changed my personal design aesthetic - the loft I currently live in downtown Calgary was largely inspired by my stay at the Joshua Tree house. I can’t remember how I found their account but next thing I knew I was on airbnb searching if there was a night available for when I’d be in town. Sure enough there was one night open in the middle of my trip and I eagerly booked it knowing that something special would transpire there. Because a friend of mine cancelled last minute and I had the entire house to myself, it was a no- brainer to invite Sabrina to stay when she reached out to me on instagram. Fast forward to now and not only are we still friends - we talk almost every week on the phone - but she moved to Joshua Tree herself and has cultivated a friendship with the Combs.

All of this is to illustrate that one decision can absolutely change the trajectory of your life and that is exactly what happened for me back in 2016 when I trusted the guidance to book a stay there while in Joshua Tree. There is something about the warm desert tones, the touch of their personal style within the space that reflects the beauty of the external environment that not only pays homage to the natural landscape of the desert but also sparks joy within the heart of its occupants to appreciate the land; I was no exception.

Since my stay at this sought after airbnb destination - it’s booked a year out - I have fallen in love with the expansive and expressive landscape of the desert and I look forward to one day spending more and more time out here. Until then, I will continue to say Yes to experiences that light my soul on fire and stir within the feelings of expansion.

Thank you Sara and Rich for your hospitality, your kind and generous spirits, and for the time you took to share your vision with us. This new project will no doubt change the lives of many and I couldn’t be more excited to see the finished product.

Be sure to follow along at @thejoshuatree house and if you ever find yourself wanting to see for yourself the magic that is the desert, be sure to book your stay with them. You will be happy you did.