The Sovereign

The Princess (feminine energy) / Prince (masculine energy) VS. The Sovereign (embodiment/sacred union) 

One dominant archetype in the human psyche is the archetype of the Prince and Princess - it is perpetuated and reinforced by the media, story books, families, and cultures. 

You know how the story goes: Princess - insert feminine energy - needs to be rescued and saved by the Prince - insert masculine energy. She has little to zero control over her life or future kingdom. She is at the mercy of her parents and under their rule or she’s an orphan and longing for love. She’s usually a bit rebellious, but that gets her into trouble and lands her into a position where she needs saving by a Prince. 

In comparison the Prince is expected to save the damsel in distress, pressured to be her hero so he can finally be considered a man and ready to serve his Kingdom with a bride by his side. (uh, hello? What if he wants a husband?)

And while there is beauty within this motif and it’s compelling to our subconscious based on programming, it can be extremely disempowering for our lives and to people who don’t adhere to gender normative roles and behavior. 

It’s the same story told a million different ways. 

Shifts have started to occur (thank Goddess), but we are a long way off from empowering people to their sovereign nature. 

Of course we all have phases in our lives where we aren’t ready or capable to rule our kingdom, but we always have say and rulership within. 

The Sovereign Archetype is the King or Queen (whichever you identify with) and is about embodiment; sacred union within of our feminine and masculine qualities. The Sovereign has learned to live a life on purpose and in service. They can rule separately or together, their power from a place within.

Side by side or on their own, they are a force for the greater good.

Which pattern are you plugging into and is it serving your life? Are you waiting for someone to save you? Are you looking to save someone? Have you found balance within your masculine and feminine essence?

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