Spiritual awakening is an initiation process; it cannot be bought or sold, there is no certificate or course, no diploma or degree, it is a process of initiation, one that often looks like extreme darkness such as depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, grief and its stages and feeling like you've lost your mind. 

And you do lose your mind, the old mind of stagnation, the consciousness of victimhood, the perception of separation and you grieve your old paradigms. 

When we awaken, we begin to see everything as interconnected, with purpose and as sacred. 

And only once we've been initiated, only once we've touched the deep sorrow of our wounds, the ecstatic joy of creation and tapped into the energy and totality of the collective to assist in its clearing, are we liberated from singular vision. 

There is so much beauty in the moments we are blessed this life, so no matter what end of the spectrum you find yourself, know that we all have our moment of initiation -our call to action - and we always have the choice to stay sleeping or to courageously for the betterment of all face ourselves and wake up