Do you Feel Safe Yet?

Do you feel safe yet? 

With your hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars in the bank. 

With that job that you hate, that sucks the life out of you and could be better suited for somebody else but offers a false sense of security. 

With your paid two week vacation when there are 50 other weeks in the year that you just might want to explore and create for yourself and determine your schedule and who you actually surround yourself with. 

With your retirement fund, and hedge fund, and investments and tax free savings accounts. 

With your relationship that’s ok, I mean who’s really complaining, but you kinda sorta know he/she/them are not the person for you and somebody else could love them the way they actually deserve. 

With your staying small, and being “good” and not rocking the boat and not triggering those around you and keeping your opinions to yourself. 

With the myriad of ways you hide from yourself through drugs and alcohol and food and sex and Netflix and social media and comparison and doubt and confusion. 

Do you feel safe yet? 

I didn’t think so. 

Because nobody feels safe until they know who they are. 

It’s going to take courage to confront yourself.

It’s going to take faith. 

It’s going to take an honest look within at your patterns - insert archetypes - of behavior. 

There is support. Always. 

Bless you.  

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