Repeat After Me . . .



My value is not determined by how many likes I get. 
My worth is not wrapped up in followers. 
I will not allow the voices of others on social media and in the real world to silence my truth. 
I will stop comparing myself to highlight reels. 
Thank you for unfollowing me and making room for those in alignment with my message. 
I promise to show up authentically from the wisdom of my soul. 
I am not perfect and I deserve love anyway. 
I will continue to spread the word of love and compassion with backbone. 
I will not allow energy that threatens my happiness to be the dominant voice within. 
No is a complete sentence. 
I will not try to save others. 
I no longer have space in my heart for those who aren’t willing to show up for me, but I’ll go on loving them from afar. 
I will not spiritually bypass suffering through just love and just light. 
I accept the full spectrum and complexities of my human psyche. 
I am healing seven generations before and after me through my courage to love. 
I will continue to shed my skin and transform into the highest version of myself. 
It is my job to get in touch with who I really am. 
I will listen deeper to my calling. 
I will listen deeper to my purpose. 
I will lean in further to my mission. 
I am not a random manifestation in the universe. 
I am connected to the unified field of consciousness and I am infinite. 
I am a creator being in a body and I will share my abundance with the world. 
I am an agent for change. 
I am a leader. 
I am worthy. 
I am a force for global transformation and I’m not going to quit.

Say it OUT LOUD, claim it. Repeat as many times as needed. And click here for extra support.

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