The Number One Question I get asked...


Do you know what the number one question I get asked is? 

In the almost four years I've been a full-time entrepreneur, there is one question I get asked more than any other question: what is my life's purpose?

That's right, you want to know why you are here. And it makes sense because this was one of my most pressing questions too. 
The truth is, I can't answer this question for you, but I can however guide you to a better understanding of your inherent value which will lead you to your purpose. 


Because learning to love myself was the single most important thing I ever did; rebuilding my self-worth after past situations tore me down shifted everything; developing a practice where I could not only hear but TRUST my intuition was a game changer. 

If I take a good look at my life, I am beyond grateful for what I've been able to manifest. It's by no means perfect, (what is?!?) but it is progress from where I've been. 

Just like you, I was born knowing that I was worthy and destined for greatness and then something happened along the way: I ended up letting the projections of others tear me down. I lost my sparkle. 

It took me over 16 years to find it again. There are days where I still feel stuck, but I know that everything contains a unit of energy for our highest good.
Even the stuff that feels bad. 
If you feel stuck right now, you're not alone. 

Your life's work lives inside of your chest and it's your job to find out what it is. How? There are many ways, many tools, many modalities, and to find which one works for you, you must be willing to ASK.

So do it, right now.

Place your left hand on your heart, close your eyes and bring your gaze in between the brow center. Ask your heart what it desires. You may hear something, you may not, be patient with yourself. You are creating a masterpiece. 

Extra credit if you carve out five minutes to stream of consciousness free-write everything your heart said to you. I promise you won't regret it. xo 

P.S. I’ve created a free workbook to get you unstuck that you can find here.

P.P.S. If you are feeling stuck, read this article, and rejoice.