Hold Steady

Hold steady to the vision 

even if today you don’t know how 

all of it will manifest 

if the outside world becomes too loud 

and comparison sneaks in like a thief 

let your mind fill with shadow 

stay sturdy on the path 

find a few moments just for you 

behind the stillness of the body

lives the beauty of the first breath you ever took 

full and ripe like a flower in bloom 

this is your medicine 

because the very second you’re wondering 

if your plan is going to unfold 

is the same moment the whole universe 

is conspiring in your favor

your heart’s longing 

is a sign from the cosmos 

that what you desire

desires you 

but you need to give up personal will 

for divine will 

an ancient and benevolent source 

and you don’t need to know exactly how 

your highest vision will unfold 

just trust it will when you feel it won’t 

keep leaning in 

turn your gaze to your highest self 

talk to the places within that sparkle 

and wait for blessings to be bestowed 

the altar of your heart is timeless 

and time a mortal illusion