Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine in 2019

2019 in numerology is the year of 3. 

We are right now learning to be more empowered as a culture and civilization both personally and collectively. 

We are activating further our divine masculine essence who, when balanced, is a steward of sacred feminine energy: He will protect Her and be inspired by Her. He will protect the the land, the great mother, because he will remember that all nourishment, all of life, comes from Her.  

Each of us contain both feminine and masculine energy within, and even within there is sometimes a power struggle of dominance and submission. 

Our culture teaches us that the masculine energy of aggression, striving, assertiveness, logic, busy and controlling  far outweigh that of surrender, tranquility, receptive, creative, calm and allowing. 

And so, our unconscious masculine energy dominates the divine feminine energy within as we succumb to the patriarchal views of success. 

But no longer. 

As we land into a year that embodies the Warrior, Spiritual warrior and Empress archetypes, we begin to feel our sacred masculine make room for our divine feminine essence. The Warrior calls you to action! But keep in mind that this action could be towards stillness, to focus in on and cultivate a deeper connection with self though meditation. It is in these rich feminine moments of receptivity and allowing that we can become aware of what our highest self is communicating with us, as well as explore our personal power. The Spiritual warrior is about leading by example. You become an agent for change by implementing that which you want to see more of in the world. If you want more kindness, you are more kind. If you want more love, you are more loving to others, and so on and so forth.

And lastly, the Empress represents the Queen of Heaven and Earth, spirit and flesh. The Empress sees spirit born anew thus creating a new world, she serves spirit and is ruled by Love.

3 is a powerful, creative and expressive number, and while chakra 3 is more of a ‘masculine’ energy, it illustrates the need for both energies - masculine and feminine - to be present and allowing for change. 

The first three chakras are all about the tribal, or group, mind; they are what we need to survive as human beings on planet Earth and they are necessary, yet they are also an illusion in the sense that 99.999999…% of reality is space, and if this energy dominate the organism of the human body we are stuck because we are focused on 0.0000000000000001% of matter - which creates density.  

We need the energy to move to the heart center and higher to bring to earth the creative energy of the cosmos - we need both. 

As you move deeper into this year ask yourself what energy is dominating is your internal compass? 

Is your masculine dominating your feminine? 

Are both energies conscious or operating out of unconsciousness? 

Simple awareness begins to awaken our senses to the truth of why we are here: sacred union. 

And I’m not talking about finding your soul mate and living happily ever after - although it’s a beautiful archetypal motif. I’m talking about realizing that you have everything you need within and your life spills over with love because of this sacred awareness.