A glimpse into the Human Psyche

The human psyche is made up for various parts. According to Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, it consists of The Ego, The Personal Unconscious, Complexes, the Collective Unconscious, The Self, Persona, The Shadow, Anima/Animus, and Individuation.

Much like the body, the psyche is a self-regulating system that is maintaining balance as much as it can throughout the day. 


And, just like the body, if we consume too much toxicity via information, relationships, thoughts, programming, etc., we tip out of balance. 

When we tip out of balance that can look like but isn’t limited to; neurological disorders, alcoholism, drug use and abuse, and addiction of any kind. We do this as a way to cope with that which is hidden from our conscious awareness. 

Think of your body like a computer:

If you keep placing unwanted files into your trash bin but never empty that trash bin what happens? 

The computer runs very slowly or crashes. 

The same is true of our body. 

If we feed it trash it can crash and if we didn’t have a way to eliminate that trash ( 💩 ) we would die. 

The former is true for the psyche, and in extreme cases, so is the latter. 

If we are inputting a ton of data every single day from our external reality and especially if what we consume is toxic, then we need a way to “empty our trash.”

And while the psyche is self-regulating (dreams are a way the psyche analyzes and releases) it can only do so much without our conscious effort. 

If you want to know what you’re processing, look at your triggers. Our psyche externalizes in archetypal projections, functioning as a secondary self or selves that contribute to the whole. 

This means we meet people who trigger our shadow (also a part of the psyche) and they illicit a strong emotional response. 

The best way I have found to reprogram these triggers is through my own work with Healing with Archetypes (yes I’m a student of my own work!) as well as through Lacey’s work @tobemagnetic 

The moment we actually become sovereign - King and Queens of our destiny - is the moment we start to take responsibility for our energy.

I am working through major wounding every single day. I am right there in the trenches with you, I just may have been on this path for a longer period of time. 

You deserve to touch down on the truth of what you are. You are infinitely worthy.