Interview by Katie from Emerging Reiki on Chalice Grove

What inspired you to create Chalice Grove and what does that name mean to you?

Chalice was the name of the street I lived on for years, and after doing some research into the word I knew it had to be part of my business, not only because of the rich meaning, but also because the business was birthed from that house.  

Chalice represents the feminine, receptive, vulnerable, nurturing energy that is responsible for creation and is much needed on this planet if we are to survive.  The chalice in iconography is represented by the inverted triangle and I have included both in the logo because the "right-side-up" triangle represents the active, supportive, protective masculine energy that the world needs to survive: the yin and yang balance that is required for a predominately patriarchal paradigm to shift.  
Grove represents the connection with nature that is needed to heal. Grove is a community rooted together that blossoms.
Chalice Grove therefore represents embracing the totality of your being, the light and the dark, good and bad, masculine and feminine, physical and metaphysical and the inextricable connection to all that is. 

There's a neatly organized and compiled list of gemstones on your website that you love working with. Do you have an absolute favourite ?

That is a tough question to answer as I LOVE so many gemstones but yes, I do have one in particular that I am called to from the very depth of my being; that stone is Larimar. When I first found the stone I was looking up stones that work in conjunction to Kundalini because I was about to take my teacher training and wanted something for the journey from student to teacher. When I heard the stones name a strange feeling washed over me, when I saw it I cried. This does not happen to me, usually. It is a high vibrational stone and its price reflects its beauty and power. I waited to buy some but when I did, and once they arrived, I cried again opening it. I always joke now that Larimar is my spirit animal ;)  

As a designer and amateur photographer,  I admire the photography across your website and social media platforms. What created this incredible clean and beautiful essence ? How did you envision these elements coming together ?

I'm not a photographer, at least not professionally, but I do love beauty and know that part of my purpose on this planet is to add more beauty to this world; I have an eye for it and I think that is why I can create not only jewelry and words, but also photos in an elegant and beautiful way. 

I have anxiety myself and have crystals that help me along with meditation and yoga. For anybody else going through or have gone through anxiety, what advice would you give them ?

As amazing and wonderful as crystals are, they will not heal you from anxiety. It's the same as thinking pharmaceuticals will cure you from your emotional wounds. The only thing that heals is you deep-diving into your emotional body. Yes, crystals can help, they can even assist with opening energy channels in the body, but at the end of the day there is no quick fix. The only way to cure anything is to get to the root cause of why it is showing up in the first place, stay curious about what it is teaching you, and have a willingness to see things differently. Only then can we unfold into who we truly are and understand that we are not our suffering, we are something beyond.  

Your malas and their unique and beautiful designs are absolutely exquisite. How do you come up with your creations?

First off, thank you! The designs come to me when I'm at my desk, or even right before I fall asleep. Often they come to me in a meditation or even a yoga class. The nugget in this is just to start, find what brings you joy, what is expansive to your soul and allow miracles to flood into this natural space of awareness.  

For someone looking into starting their own shop, what advice would you give them?

Just start. It doesn't have to mean you quit your job and go all in. Start small, one foot in front of the next, and just move towards the direction of what ignites your heart and soul. I started Chalice Grove part-time, as a hobby! And then eventually, once I gained a bit of traction, I quit my job and went all in! Trust that you have what it takes and that even if your hobby business doesn't turn into what you are meant to do, it will open doors into where you are going.