Repressed Emotional Trauma

Mental illness is a loaded word, category, and descriptor, and many people have many different opinions about it.

I often talk about how I believe that people deemed mentally ill are the extremely sensitive, psychic and fragile minds of the world who often lose their footing in reality, and sometimes can't distinguish between what's real and what's illusion. But there's another aspect of mental illness that I want to discuss, one that seems obvious yet eludes us; repressed emotions.

When we are holding on to belief systems, wounds, and trauma, and when our relationship to these feelings is one of unconscious denial out of fear we can't process them, we tip out of balance.

The body, being the miracle that it is, is always giving us feedback on what is laying dormit in our systems and needs love and attention.

When we fail to give it the attention it needs to surface, release and heal, it shows up in a multitude of ways signalling it is time.

This is why when people are on antidepressants, anti-anxiety, or any other types of medication that hinders the body’s ability to cope with these emotions, the pharmaceuticals themselves lose their efficacy and new ones need to be administered.

What one needs to truly discover and heal is the repressed emotions lingering, and I know it can be challenging, scary, and sometimes even feel impossible to go through, but it will assist the body in the healing process. 
It will allow different neurons to fire; it can reprogram, upgrade and regenerate once there is space.

When we process the trauma hiding in our tissue we create physical, emotional, spiritual, even mental space for newness because those repressed emotions aren't then unconsciously running our lives; we aren't spending every moment guarded with defense mechanisms to protect ourselves because we've outed what we thought needed protection, we've brought the darkness to the light, and darkness can't live there.

Healing with Archetypes is way to go deep within your repressed emotions so you can detoxify and begin to remember who you truly are.

You owe it yourself to discover your true north, your alignment and your freedom.