Ancient Ruins

Here I sit 

at the foot of the mountain

waiting for the dust to settle 

from the ruins of our collapse 

ancient was the structure of our love 


we built this home many times over 

only to watch it fall at our feet 

and we both rejoice in beginnings 

for structures that feel like home 

for a brand new coat of white paint 

a blank canvas for our art to hang 

laughter that was once foreign to our hearts 

will fill these halls with joy 

and we will dance again 

we will rebuild the sanctuary of our longing 

our lungs the solid ground on which we rest 

autumn leaves will fall 

and winter will invite deep healing 

but the Spring shall always bloom 

fertile soil will whisper into the heart of summer 

and beauty shall abound 

flowers shall remind us 

precious moments unfolding into light