Just As You Are

The world will give you many opportunities
to not love yourself
to believe there is something that needs fixing
that you are broken
unlovable and unworthy
your ego will give you many thoughts
that say how pathetic
how much of a failure
how insignificant and inconsequential
you are
there will be more than enough moments
where you'll feel lost and confused
bewildered and betrayed
even by your own heart
where you'll look into the mirror and see
every missed opportunity
every flaw; the ugliness of your own skin
but none of it will be true
none of the darkness you perceive will be real
only the lessons imbued in them
the gifts and guidepost leading you within
to a soul that wants nothing more
than acceptance of your totality
every single part of you perfect
created in the reflection of the light
manifested in the polarity of human form
and when we remember this
when we touch down on the fertile soil of our blossoming
only then can we truly see
how all of it is beautiful
and boldly add more radiance
by showing up
as we are.