Speak your Truth

Sometimes you'll share your whole heart 

your whole truth 

you'll speak from the undercurrent 

of the fire in your belly 

transparency will pour forth from your lips 

spilling your fears

announcing your doubts 

your needs 

and sometimes they'll be received 

with open arms waiting to hold your strength

but other times it will be too much 

too much honesty 

too much truth 

bitter and sour all at once 

and the ears who receive this truth will ring 

and resonance will be lost 

hearts may want to close 

wounds may surface 

but speak your truth anyway 

say exactly what needs to be said 

allow the rapture of your hearts longing to live

through the vibration of your words 

and if they aren't received 

if they are tarnished or dismissed 

twisted or manipulated 

let silence speak louder 

feel freedom in your chest

let the language of the lungs expand 

and be grateful 

grateful for eyes gifted sight 

to truly trust 

when people show you who they are