Be here fully 


she says, 

dive in with your senses

with your thoughts 

and your words

immerse yourself completely 

commit to presence 

and I answer every time I choose to lean in

I answer every time I align to love 

I answer when I embody sobriety 

because there is nothing to escape anymore 

there is nothing to run or hide from

I am inside of myself 

rooted like the cypress 

lifting for the heavens 

and the messages you're sending, I hear 

no longer shall I ignore the call 

I spent all of my life wishing I was someone else 

wishing I was normal,

but I never was and I never will be 

I have extra senses, and I'm no longer afraid 

where once substance seemingly guided me to unity

the breath has taken form 

truth lives here 

truth is the only thing of substance 

undying and unchanging 

this body holy ground 

my soul made manifest through the temple of this skin 

I am no longer fearful to feel the world 

I am here to anchor in a new vibration

and I will send roots like tendrils to the center 

of the Earth 

I will stand for justice with a wide open heart

I will speak my truth no matter how it lands on wounded ears 

and I will be a mirror for others, like me, who have gotten lost along the way