Do not confuse your personality 

with your soul 

or the small mind 

with the universal cosmic mind 

the little self with the big Self 

your body with who you truly are 


when you feel like you don't belong 

when you live in comparison 

when you can't see yourself 

when the world seems dark 

and shrouded in confusion

it is not your highest Self that feels

the highest Self is but a witness 

to the emotional body 

to the personality and its attachments 

the binary structure of a judging mind 

it is the suffering of the human condition

and it is not to be minimized 

living this life is challenging at times 

but from a higher viewpoint 

an elevated frequency

it is all unfolding as it should 

to push you and persuade you to step up

higher into Truth 

your personality will make all sorts of excuses 

why everything isn't working 

or how you’re better than everybody else 

trained to see only our differences 

but your soul doesn't see the world that way 

only opportunities for further expansion