She is Awakening

I have been calling you in. 

I have been begging you to surface with the vibration of my voice. 

But I could feel you retreating deep indoors, preparing for another cold and long winter. 

I didn't know how to release you from your cell, from my cells, so you remained hidden from my love. 

I tried all of the old tricks, pulling out my sacred tools like cards from an oracle deck - like it was a matter of life or death - the antiseptic for my wounds; I smudged, sang, howled, watched, practiced and sat in stillness. 

Yet you would not break free. 

But today, I called you in like a lover to an open vacant heart yearning for deep and profound healing and release; the kind of love that transforms the body, mind and soul. 

And you, sweet one, finally answered, finally came up and out and I wondered how long you had been hiding down there until you whispered into the hollow of my inner child. 

And she sobbed, she wailed, vibrating loose a hurt so ancient that all women gathered. 

And I felt the repression, the oppression, the degradation, the misogyny of a predominately patriarchal paradigm that suppresses and suspends the soul of women, the empowerment of women, the rule of women and I remembered how powerful I was at six years old and how that power was abused, betrayed, belittled and shut down. 

But I knew it then, like I'm remembering now and I long for her to awaken in us all. 

I long for men to remember her, to honor her, to embrace her as equal and to cherish her body like it was the landscape of his own soul. 

And I will keep shedding tears for my sisters and my brothers who are walking half asleep, who are addicted to greed, pornography, power, and control. 

I will continue to grieve for the primal force within who awakens, my tears as a guidepost bringing her back home to the hearts of men, women and children. 

I will unleash within a fiery so great, so mighty, so noble, so wise, that none shall forget what it means to embody divine feminine grace. 


Sat Nam.