My Intention { a poem }

My intention is to live

in only one room

the top floor

of my house

with an ocean view

where I am the same

to all people

I meet

I don't create a persona

depending on you

for I only exist

in one massive room

with a solid foundation

built on compassion

and grace

and no matter the season

this room is my house

and I'm fiercely protective

of who may enter

this sacred space

that I call home

I am loving to all

but strong with my boundaries

and if you tread mud

into my abode

without taking


for the dirt you leave


then you are not welcome back


how you do one thing

is how you do all things

and if you barf in my home

you vomit in everyone else's

and the world can hold space

for your coming unglued

but only if you

take responsibility for the mess

wherever you go

then one day you'll learn

to build your own home

and live in one room

and be wildly protective

of the people who tread

on the floor of your heart.