Bless You!

Don't you see, this isn't about you. 

This isn't about how many friends you have or how many wedding parties you were in this year. 

This isn't about how many people follow you on Instagram, or like your posts.

This isn't about your patterns and wounds and pain and sorrow. 

This isn't about you, not in the way you think it is: you are everything and you are nothing. 

You have come here to shift the consciousness of the planet and you do so through prayer, through thoughts, through words, through action; so make each action a living prayer, make each word a loving word, make each thought an uplifting thought, each prayer a sacred container for all to heal. 

Stop ruminating on your hurt, your suffering, a world that didn't go as planned, and start blessing absolutely everything you see around you. 

Bless your mother who still calls you every week even though you think she's being overbearing. 

Bless your ex partner who ripped your heart out. 

Bless your father and his short temper. 

Bless the driver who cuts you off in traffic. 

Bless the food that lands on your table. 

Bless the friend who triggers the shit out of you. 

Bless the water. 

Please bless the water. 

In a world where we are taught competition rather than collaboration, blessing each other will save us. 

And the next time someone pisses you off, hands you a shit sandwich with extra sauce, well, you'll say, BLESS YOU! 


blessings, xo