Sacred Truth

Your healing modality isn't what heals people: what heals people is your energy. 

Your energy field changes people, your light draws them in, your souls have sacred contracts and your hearts magnetize. 

For this we can can rejoice. 

This means we can stop worrying about what we say, what we look like, what we do.

No longer must we stress about finding our purpose, or the healing modality that will propel us forward. 

When we are in alignment, acting from a place of truth, expansion, transparency and integrity, only then can we become acquainted with ourselves; that radiant river that flows through us, guiding our actions. When we step into this river, we will find our calling. 

It might be angel readings, shamanism, psychic readings, work with the Plaedians, lumarians or other star planets; it might be herbalism, superfoods, yoga, meditation or breath work; it could be horticulture therapy, counseling, writing, singing or dancing - whatever it is, it matters not. 

It only matters to the thinking mind. 

The heart and soul already know what feels right, ancient and in alignment with truth. So let your heart and soul decide. 

Take the time to explore yourself, to visit practitioners of all styles and get intimate with the way your energy dances with the subtleties of each art; when every cell expands with YES, you'll know which direction you're headed and then the passion begins. 

Create a spiritual practice, devote yourself to it and clear your container so that you may hold the necessary space for healing and transformation. 

And then, rest easy light worker, for your energy becomes what heals the world.