You Choose

Healers need healing too; just because you still fall apart from time to time from the weight of the world does not mean you can't show up bigger and bolder and brighter than ever before in your healing business. 

Going through shit makes us human, it's how we choose to deal with what we go through that qualifies us to hold another's sacred beating heart while they trust us with their weight. 

If you've never felt the world crush you, holding space for another's crushed world requires a deep and profound amount of empathy, one that not many people can hold. 

Of course you don't need to identify with the wounded healer, in fact as this blue planet continues to shift, I believe, there will be less and less people who choose to go through the flames first. I think future generations of light workers will bypass the pain and suffering and turmoil and stay in their light most of the time. They will be able to heal from an authentic place of pure expansion, compassion and strength. 

But I didn't choose that path. 

I chose the archetype of wounded healer. This means I have gone through some pretty fucked up shit and I'm proud of myself because I know the courage it took to pull myself out. It is an absolute miracle I am where I am today. I've battled perfectionism, drug addiction, abuse, unworthiness, betrayal, addiction to approval, loss, mental illness, rejection, body dysmorphic disorder, abandonment, and more. 

As a healer I'm not condoning the path of the broken; the path that glorifies darkness, or embodies the importance of wounds, but what I am celebrating is the fact that we are all gloriously unique. 

I will attract people who have gone through similar experiences and if your path differs, you will attract people like you. 

There is no right way or wrong way to live this life, there is only the way that you choose. 

None of us truly, fully and honestly know why we are here. We may have had profound esoteric experiences that argue we do, but the unknown is reason enough to be alive, and we don't have to attach anything else to it. 

So let yourself unfold into the space you come alive.

If you feel alive in your pain then let it shape you and move on, and share the story of overcoming in the face of adversity. 

If you feel alive in your light then share it wherever you go, don't you dare let anybody dim your sparkle. 

Whatever you choose, for God's sake, remember to truly LIVE.