This Life

I'm intoxicated by truth, the way it spills out in fragile moments, sometimes in unexpected places - fragmented and hurled from the underbelly of the soul's awakening.

I'm in love with love, the way it rolls through us like waves crashing on the shoreline, commanding us to break, and therefore open, time and time again; calling us to soften and unite to a greater unity within, to each other and to source. It is the bridge between head and heart, wildly abandoning all logic and reason. 

I have complete respect for the moments that take our breath away, the awe-inspiring and the gut-wrenching; the ripples of surfacing wounds that lead us to the shedding of layers, to move forward, confront darkness, test faith and to bare our naked souls in the light of our limiting beliefs. 

I marvel at the mystery of how we hold on, with white knuckles, to the stories of our lives, afraid to let go into the abyss of the unknown. 

The burden and bliss of incarnation flows heavy through my blood. 

I don't always understand it but I respect it deeply. 

Because to be human is messy, it's wild, imperfect, and at times terrifying. 

It is a travelers journey home, to where we can't recall but I feel it deep at the core of my being, propelling me in motion the way the moon commands the tide. 

It is where the light and dark dance together until we choose which one leads. 

It is where grace takes hold of our hearts and we begin to see, again, the beauty in it all - the rise and the fall. 

I bow in reverence to this life, the richness of uncertainty, the gift of impermanence, and the sweetness of surrender. 

Sat Nam, my loves