Awakening: A Journey through the Chakras

I have met my edge, at times the anxiety swallowed me whole - the trepidation that followed resistance, distress and heedlessness was too much for my soul to bare. 

Like a serpent stirring from a long slumber at the base of my spine, ascending vertebrae by vertebrae; an open channel to voyage to the bounty within. 

I discover my creativity, the essence of my birth; fluid, balanced and rooted in surprise places like emotions, boundaries and relaxation. A call to uncover the flow of the divine feminine and I know that without my edge, the jewel of awareness, these miracles would not be made manifest. Hidden like treasure deep inside my pelvic floor, I find my purpose to create a life of service. 

I surrender to my will with each holy deed I sew, the promise of a harvest imminent on the horizon painted in flecks of red, orange, yellow and gold. 

"There is nowhere to arrive," I whisper softly to myself as I expand the cage of bone, my heart enshrined within. 

And in my throat I hold my sainted truth, budding in the sunshine of remembrance and grounded in black soil as deep and vast as the Universe herself, half remembering the inter-stellar beams of light protecting and guiding me home. 

I awaken to the clarity of perception as I trust the intuitive pulse that radiates between my brows, sipping in the prosperity of life. 

Bestowed with a crown, the contact point of spiritual life force entering my body, ordaining my gifts, I open to unity and lay down the dead. All that no longer serves the temple of my soul is put to rest and my cells expand in response to my resplendent yes, the dawning of today's awakening.