Perfectionism, we can't escape it - even in yogic advertising we are bombarded with images of it; faces that are young, bodies that are free from cellulite, fat, wrinkles and stretch marks - leaving out a majority of the world's demographic. 

Yoga is supposed to be about Union. It's about connecting to a source within, a well of infinite knowledge where we can access grace, truth and remembrance of our unity. But, alas, most of us are hypnotized by media's hidden message that we are imperfect and not enough as we presently are. 

I know that a spiritual practice transforms the body, the mind and the spirit so you could serve up a million reasons why it happens, but I won't  buy it because I have a spiritual practice and those of us that do, know that we are being lied to. I am however less concerned about myself and more concerned with the millions of youth impacted by these messages because I was one of them and although it's now dressed up in the category of wellness, there is a HUGE part of the conversation missing when the media is only showing ONE body type. 

What happens when the way we look, the way we love, and/or the way we show up in the world is not represented or, worse yet, completely disregarded by CULTure? We begin to question our inherent worth, we feel fragmented and we search for ways to fill this void. Praying off of our insecurities is often how products or services are sold. 

Don't mishear my heart, for I wholeheartedly believe in the good of humanKIND. I know more people want truth; I know more people are waking UP and they want to see real bodies, with real stories; we want women who are brave enough to gather in circles to reclaim their divine rights - rights that have been denied for far too long like the practice of healing, or breastfeeding, in public, and to birth at home with healthcare that supports our choices or to bleed and be able to talk about it freely without guilt, shame or disgust. We want to feel normal in our bodies when the whole world is trying to suggest otherwise. 

It's exhausting mentally, emotionally and spiritually when I scroll through my feed and see unrealistic ideals associated with a sacred practice that perpetuates illness. Perfectionism has become the medium and why? Because it sells products and we are a consumer society socially conditioned to purchase from a place of lack. The odds are not forever in our favor. 

We the people want to bring back humanity, the unyielding strength of ten trillion hearts that stand up and move forward speaking from the pit of our stomachs that we have had enough and that we are enough. We are human, radiant beings of light, not puppets in your game, so please, kindly remove your greedy hands from places they don't belong. 

*** the solution to this problem starts with YOU, the consumer. A daily spiritual practice fine tunes our bull-shit sensor and allows us to make empowered choices rooted in LOVE.