You will always blossom 

in the face of your truth 

and the lies that you told 

to yourself

and the others 

will slowly show up

and beg to be forgiven 

so that you can grow

in the rays of light

you've been hiding from

confess them to out loud 

release their reign 

you are the one

who has full sovereignty 

over your thoughts 

and how far it thinks

it can go 

but it gives up too soon

when your spirit 

still soars 

the mind wounds itself 

and another open sore

is infected 

and oozing 

out lies 

and destruction 


your limit is far greater 

than you've been granted 

access to 

in the past 


of untruths 

about who you are 

why you're here 

good and bad 

right and wrong

the truth is 

you will always blossom

in the face 

of your true