The Truth is the Truth

There are many things

that I didn't understand

like why you stayed  

in a house that was built 

off of manipulation 

anger and chaos   

but now that I'm older 

now that I've done the work 

I'm beginning to see 

that the way you were treated 

was in direct correlation 

to the relationship 

you had with yourself 

every word that belittled 

represented a fragment 

of a broken soul 

a sad little girl 

whose fault it is not 

these things are passed down 

from generation to generation 

but eventually somewhere

the madness must stop

someone must stand up 

and claim their freedom 

for the truth is the truth 

and I want you to know 

that the stronger I get 

the more vulnerable I am 

the clearer my voice 

the greater the reflection 

because somewhere inside 

you are braver than you know 

more courageous than told 

and worthy 

you are deeply worthy

so much more than worthy 

and the path that you chose 

influenced my own path 

and I wouldn't change a thing 

or I might not be 

exactly where I am 

with the torch that I hold 

that will light up world