Not Afraid to Live

What the world needs now is people who aren't afraid to live. 

Today I saw three kite surfers catching six foot air over the ocean - onlookers stopped to absorb the excitement and revel in the energy of taking life by the horns. 

I remember meeting an amazing couple years ago when I was serving who left me a note that said "moderation is for monks, take life in big bites!" I have never forgot how vibrant and alive they were. 

Isn't this what we all want? To live life to the fullest potential of what sets our souls ablaze. 

As more and more people gathered to watch the kite surfers, I saw a person run with a surf board towards the water. A huge smile spread across my face as I thought, "now that's how it's done!"

Do you think he was stressing about how cold it was? Or how windy and dangerous what he was about to do was? No! He was smiling, eagerly moving in the direction towards his next adventure. 

Those are the type of people I want to surround myself with.

Here's to boldly running in the direction of your dreams.