The Key

These powerless hands

that you feel are so small

are the keepers of love

and healing

and for many years 

graced so many 

with the most beautiful 


a piece 

of your heart 

and the strings 

that you played

were music 

to my ears 

and now these hands 

touch future generations

but you

you're so scared 

to fuck it up 

but the truth is 

you can't 

the truth is 

while you're busy 

trying to build 

the palace 

the castle 

the temple 

you are seeking 

you hide from yourself 


it's already built 

without you trying 

so leave the tools 


you don't need them

where you're going 

it's safe now 

to drop the hammer 

and let the tears just fall 

you are so much more 

than you think

that you are 

I hear you 

when you use 

words that don't describe 

how powerful you are 

how magnificent 

your light 

it shines so bright 

you were chosen 

don't you see? 

The palace is inside 

your job is to 



sweet child 

where you placed 

the key