Not Business As Usual

They say, you've gotta fake it until you make it but I don't agree with my full heart. 

I understand that if we are attracting clients to our business or brand, website or mailing list, Instagram or Facebook page, that there is an element of creating and having an aesthetic that feels like the life you are helping them create. 

Any great business rarely sells you a product or service, they sell you lifestyle. 

Some people sell the beach life. Some people sell the rugged outdoors, others the boho gypsy vibe or the crisp entrepreneur --- and that's totally fine. My heart is on board with this part because who doesn't want more of what they want more of? 

It's the dog-eat-dog, I can't tell you my secrets or you're my competition mentality that I can't swim with. Worse yet, it's the pretend-you've-got-all-your-shit together-I'm better-than-you attitude that kills me. 

We are living in a new age, a new time and a new energy, one that is NOT business as usual. 

This new energy is all about collaboration and authenticity. This means you aren't faking jack-shit. You're honest, upfront and level with your clients, readers, friends, family, partner and Self with where you're at and what you're about. 

This is where the magic happens. Do not underestimate magic. 

Being truly authentic in your life and business is your secret weapon. The thing you then 'sell' becomes your courage, your grace, your tenacity, your reverence --- or whatever words resonate with you ---- and people want more of that. 

We are sick of being lied to and manipulated in the name of profit. 

No more. 

Everything is changing now, you feel it don't you? 

I promise to keep being me, the raw real version, so keep being you. 

I'm not going to fake how successful or happy or fulfilled I am.

I'm not going to dress it up and take it out and flirt with your ego for the sake of mine. I did that before, it was awful. 

I'm going to show up flaws and all and share what's on my heart in life and business because I know that the truth sets people free. 

To all of you truth tellers out there - rock the fuck on.