Set Your Soul on Fire

I feel most aligned and in my body when I'm being of service to and receiving service from others. 

Giving and receiving. 

Receiving and giving. 

It's an exchange of energy. 

When I sit down one-on-one with a client, or talk to them on the phone to either create a custom mala for what they want to release or manifest, or on a coaching call, I'm frequently let in on the most intimate details of their lives, it usually leaves me feeling honored and grateful for the opportunity to connect and be alive. 

I learn more from my clients than they know, because I believe that we attract people into our lives that have gone through or are going to go through similar experiences. We share similar Archetypes, similar wounding, similar beliefs and programming . I'm usually just a few steps ahead of my clients --- not better than them --- and I can see what is around the corner and offer sound support; this is what a great mentor does. 

Often they say something or do something that triggers a remembrance, inviting me to examine my own life deeper and in a more meaningful way. It's a give and take. {For all of you that have trusted me with your hearts and souls, thank you.} 

It's only when we are constantly giving and giving and giving that we feel depleted. 

When we work jobs that lack our passion, when we have ulterior motives, when we try to gain and gain and gain, we feel it in our souls and so does the people who come in contact with us. It's not authentic to our nature. 

Emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, human beings die without connection, we are hard-wired for it; but it needs to be mutual for both parties to feel fulfilled. 

If all we ever do is take from people, be it energetically, financially, emotionally, then we leave them with nothing --- we vampire their essence. 

If all we ever do is give and give and give to people, then we leave them feeling full while we are left feeling empty. This doesn't actually help them in the long run. It leaves them feeling high until they crash and looking for another host body to suck more energy off of. 

There are times and places in our lives when solely giving and solely receiving are the most beautiful states of being.

But if all you ever do is give, it's not okay. 

If all you ever do is receive, it's not okay. 

Pay attention to people, places and things that deplete you. 

Notice the people, places and things that expand your energy and animate your spirit. 

Get gut-wrenchingly honest with yourself about where you flow in the circle of energy. 

The key is activating our emotional intelligence to FEEL how we show up in any given situation, and if this is hard ask your friends and family how you show up energetically. 

We are SO worthy of relationships that set our souls on fire.