Our Wild Inherent Nature

You do know that someone told you that you needed all this stuff, right? 

You know that industry and technology and the progress narrative of bigger, better, faster, stronger is really a device to keep you from your inner knowing. 

I like nice things. 

I always have.  

This goes so much deeper than that. 

This is about our soul.

Our wild inherent nature, 

to be in nature.

And, I live in a city so I feel the importance of what I'm about to say with all my heart. 

To contemplate the sky, the sea and the forests 

takes more courage than punching numbers in a computer or investing in oil. 

It takes more courage to ask who am I than it does not to ask.  

There is more strength in staying present than there is in being busy. 

Grateful are the brave ones, not the heedless men and women who take judgment as a lover.

The courageous are the ones who forgive instead of a lifetime bitterness

It is more expensive to stay asleep than it is to buy a house. 

Wake up. 

You deserve more. 

The concrete walls and buildings with lights and allure are not designed to set you free, 

But nature can. 

We don't have to all quit our jobs and move to the forest. 

We don't have to take our yoga teacher training on some tropical island or reiki or a vow of silence in vipasana to find our truth. 

We don't have to start a business, leave toxic relationships, set boundaries or pursue our dreams 

But we should, if it sets us free from our bondage 

Find the freshest air, the bluest lake, the tallest tree, or the most magnificent mountain and make some time. 

Connect with who you are and what you really want. 

Clear the static in your mind, connect to the wisdom of the earth and sky and be brave enough to ask questions and receive guidance. 

We've only got this life to live, so why don't we fucking live it.